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How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

How often should I redesign my website?
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At some point, you went through a lot of hard work and effort to make your website perfect. It had everything you needed and wanted. Now, as typical in business, and especially in the digital world, things have changed.

First, Why It Is Important to Redesign a Website

Changes in technology and digital advances are made all the time. Think of your phone, your computer, and your POS system, how long does it take to become outdated? The same is true with outdated websites.

As technology changes, so should your website. The way we navigate websites on our phones is much different today than it was a few years ago.

Because your website reflects your brand, an outdated website may send a signal to the user that your brand is becoming unmaintained.

Why It Is Important To Redesign A Website

5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website:

  • High bounce rates
  • Consistent declines in traffic
  • Critical errors
  • Unresponsive to modern devices
  • A decline in leads or sales

Your website should be working for you, converting leads into customers. If you are not seeing conversions on your website, something is missing. Talking with a company that offers website design services can help you determine the issue and find a solution.

How Often You Should Completely Redesign Your Website

Just like your phone, computer, and other devices, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when your website will become outdated. If you are wondering, “how often should I redesign my website?”

The general rule of thumb is every 2-3 years. If you haven’t made any major changes to your website in this timeframe, now is the time to take a serious look at how your website stacks up against your competitors.

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Who To Talk To About Redesigning Your Website

A website design company can analyze your website for problem areas. They can pinpoint where you are losing traffic and why. They can also expose any potential security issues on your website.

Having this information will help you make an informed decision. Maybe your website just needs a few good updates and improvements. Talk with a web development company to find out what is needed and how they can help.

If your website needs a complete redesign, it is an opportunity to capture a wider audience. While it may seem daunting at first, it doesn’t need to be.

When you are working with a good web development company, a website redesign can be exciting. It can invigorate your business, stimulate traffic, and engage new customers.

Why It Is Important To Regularly Maintain Your Website

Why it is important to regularly maintain your website

Google is constantly updating its algorithms to be more effective and responsive. If you are not updating your website regularly, your website ranking may be downgraded by Google. Or worse, it may not be found at all.

Hackers are also constantly striving to be more effective. So, your website must stay current with updates and perform regular protective maintenance to keep it secure.

If your website is unable to update with current security measures, a complete redesign is in your best interest. Hacked websites can cause serious damage to your business, your reputation, and your customers.  

How often should I redesign my website? Well, another answer is when your business has evolved, and your current website no longer meets your needs.

What has changed in your business over the past three years? When prices, products, processes, and the key team members in your company change, your website should reflect these changes.

Your business is constantly evolving to meet the needs of your customers. Businesses typically go through several minor adjustments throughout the year.

At the time, it may not seem like one minor change is worth changing your website. However, as these minor changes add up, your website falls behind.

Table of Contents
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