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Modern Digital Marketing Services Since 2019

Nerd Rush is a dynamic and innovative Omaha-based web design and search engine optimization (SEO) company that has built a reputation for delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to both B2B and B2C businesses.

With a team of skilled professionals who are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends, Nerd Rush provides comprehensive web design services that go beyond just aesthetics.

Our Team

Meet a few of the friendly faces behind Nerd Rush.

Nathan (Owner)

Nathan is native to Omaha, Nebraska, and started Nerd Rush in 2019. He founded the company with the primary goal of making website design a hassle-free and transparent experience.

Professionally, Nathan excels in design, creative thinking, problem-solving, relationship building, and marketing.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys working out, contributing to community forums, gaming, and attempting to create the perfect Old Fashioned.

Brennan (Sales)

Brennan is a U.S. Navy veteran, who now leads the sales and marketing squad at Nerd Rush with gusto.

With over a year of experience under his belt, he’s a true-blue digital marketing enthusiast, who thrives on delivering impressive results for his clients.

When Brennan isn’t smashing targets at work, he’s hitting the gym, catching big air on his snowboard, shredding waves on his wakeboard, and taking calculated risks at the poker table. No challenge is too big for Brennan!

Ivona (Assistant)

Ivona is not just any assistant – she’s the one who keeps the entire team on track and organized to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Ivona has a passion for animals, especially dogs, and loves to spend her free time cultivating plants and engaging in various home improvement and DIY projects. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she’s always finding new ways to add a touch of personality to her living space.

But when she’s not at home, you’ll find Ivona on the road, exploring the world and attending concerts. Her favorite band is Kings of Leon, and she can’t resist singing along to “Pickup Truck” – her go-to song that never fails to get her pumped up.

Our Core Values

1. Impact Over Revenue

Our goal is to move the needle for our clients. If we don't believe we can make an impact in our client's business, we will humbly walk away from the sale.

2. Honest Communication

Open and honest communication is a pillar of good business relationships. We continuously invest in tools and education to streamline our communication process.

3. Welcome Failure

Failure teaches us important lessons, and helps us become stronger and more resilient. Therefore, we view failure as a stepping stone towards success rather than a roadblock.

The Idea
After designing his first website. Nathan found a passion for web design. He researched the local market and found a need for modern web design in Omaha, Nebraska and began offering freelance website design services.
The Force
Due to COVID, Nathan was laid off from his previous job, forcing him into survival mode. He deeply submerged himself into the world of web design, WordPress, SEO, and marketing.
The Investment
Increased demand and a stellar client base allowed us to reinvest our sales into expanding our team, utilizing top-tier marketing tools, and education. All without taking on any external capital funding.
The Growth
We're focused on building sustainable growth within the company and continuing to reinvest a portion of all sales back into our team and our business. This year, we are focusing on team growth, internal marketing, and establish ourselves as the local standard for high-quality web design.

Our Story

Located in Omaha, Nebraska our company (Nerd Rush) has been providing clients with high-quality digital marketing services in Omaha since 2019. 

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