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Retain and remarket your business to customers through email marketing.
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Let Nerd Rush Manage Your Email Marketing Optimization

Located in Omaha, Nebraska our digital marketing agency offers a diverse range of email marketing services designed to meet your brand’s needs and financial capabilities. We work with industry-leading ESPs (email service providers) such as Mailchimp and Sendinblue, to provide you with the best email marketing services that help achieve goals.

Start your email marketing planning with us today and discover the most powerful email marketing strategy to move your email contacts down your sales funnel.

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Build Customer Loyalty

Studies show that loyal customers/clients are 5X more likely to repurchase, refer more, and try a new offering. Increase loyalty and profits by delivering personalized experiences at scale with Nerd Rush email Marketing.

Marketing Automation

To take your email marketing to the next level, email automation is crucial. We create promotional and automated campaigns to ensure customers and prospects are motivated to continue doing business with your brand.

Sales & Promos

Nerd Rush promotes your services and products to convert subscribers into customers, and customers into brand advocates. We improve deliverability, set up and execute your email marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Nerd Rush for Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Nerd Rush is one of the most trusted email marketing companies in Omaha, Nebraska, we deliver high-quality email campaign services at affordable rates. Depending on your email marketing goals, our experts provide different targeted email marketing services. 

Here are some benefits you get from partnering with our email marketing agency:

  • Experienced Email Marketing Specialists
  • Full-Service Email Marketing Campaigns
  • A/B Email Campaign Testing
  • Custom List Segmentation
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Services -SEO-
  • Detailed Email Marketing Reports


Contact the Nerds and let us set up an email campaign that fits your business goals perfectly.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Online email marketing is one of the best digital marketing tactics for generating and converting leads, and achieving a high return on investment (ROI). 

Studies show that nearly 61% of email subscribers/customers would like to receive promotional email marketing every week, and about 83% of customers spend more on a brand from which they have received web email marketing communications.

Obviously, online email marketing presents a great opportunity to reach targeted customers and boost your business’ revenue growth. If you haven’t started your email marketing plan, now is the time to schedule a consultation with our email marketing specialist and discuss how to move your business forward.

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Email Marketing FAQs

Email marketing is a strategy used by thousands of online businesses worldwide to create brand recognition, build relationships with potential customers or clients and drive sales. It is the process of sending automated, personalized marketing emails to potential customers or existing customers in order to promote your business and products.

In today’s world, email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing methods that you can use to grow your business and drive sales. With the help of email marketing, you can connect with customers in a way that is more personal and engaging than other forms of advertising. You can build relationships with your customers and gain their trust.

Email marketing for small businesses is an inexpensive way to promote your brand to specific market segments and increase your revenue. It can launch you ahead of your competitors and opens up new markets, bring in a new customer base, and help build long-term, strong customer relationships. These advantages are important, especially for small businesses.<br><br>
As a small business, you have greater power to build trust with local customers more rapidly than larger corporations do.

To grow your email subscriber list, you should give your audience an incentive in exchange for signing up to receive your emails. You can add this offer to your website, on your social media pages, and on landing pages to get people excited and engaging.

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